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Welcome to our blog! We're so happy you found us. James and Michelle Rognon are currently residing in Idaho while James finishes up his senior year in college. He will be graduating this December and hopefully getting many job offers in the media, design and advertising world. Michelle graduated from college in 2006 with a B.S. in Communications, with an emphasis in visual media and advertising as well. We both enjoy capturing moments through a lens and being able to look back at all the fun memories and moments that are in our lives. We are glad that we are able to do the same with our clients!


We are natural light photographers working out of Eastern Idaho. As natural light photographers we do not have a studio. The location can be up to your choosing, or we will meet in a mutual location that is suited for the type of pictures you are hoping for. We prefer outdoor pictures where you can get the best lighting, but if you have another option in mind please let us know. The only exception to this rule is with newborns and babies. We do open up our home for a portrait session in those cases.

Portrait Sessions

Our photo sessions on average last 60 to 90 minutes, though they may run longer or shorter depending on the circumstances. We love the idea of preserving memories with the pictures that we take. We want our pictures to hold special meaning to you and your family so that when you look back on the photographs you remember something a little more important than just a cute smile. If you have anything you would like to add to the pictures, such as a favorite toy or blanket, please bring them. There are a lot of different possibilities out there for pictures. Think of what would be special to you.

Scheduling and other questions:


Please feel free to bring your spouses and children with you to the session. We know that bringing a new baby into the world is a family event, and welcome adding them into the shots.

What to wear:

Wear things that you like. We will be shooting outdoors, so you can choose bright or neutral, depending on the style of clothing you think suits your style best and the type of picture you would like. If you want to bring a change of clothing let us know, so we make certain to schedule a little more time in for the shot. If you would like to show off your belly in any of the shots, make certain that you do not wear tight fitted clothing - such as nylons, elastic bands, etc. that would leave lines on your stomach.

When to schedule:

We recommend scheduling a shoot when you are between 31 and 35 weeks. Obviously, a large pregnancy belly will emphasize the pregnancy more, so if you choose to wait that is your prerogative. The reason we recommend scheduling between 31 and 35 weeks is because mothers usually have more energy, less swelling in the face, and you will still have a defined belly for some beautiful shots.


We are happy to take newborn photos in your home if you would like, with baby in their own nursery and home environment. We also will be setting up our home to be used as a make-shift studio if you would like that option. Newborn photo sessions include the parents if you would like pictures with the new baby.

What to wear:

If you would like to have shots with the baby we recommend wearing a long sleeve black or dark shirt. If you have props or items of clothing you would like them to wear - please make certain you bring those along with you to the photo shoot.

When to schedule:

You can schedule a newborn shoot as soon as you would like. When we know your estimated due date we will pencil that in to our schedule. We recommend taking the newborn photos by the time baby is 7 to 10 days old, so you will need to contact us once the baby is born so we can schedule an actual time and date for the session. You will need to make certain to contact us, otherwise we will have no way of actually scheduling the session.

Although we recommend taking the portraits by the time the baby is 10 days old, if you do not contact us within that amount of time we do still accept newborn photo sessions until the baby is 2 to 3 weeks old. Unfortunately after that it will no longer be considered a newborn portrait session as far as any specials go.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What clothes should we wear?

My recommendation is to find what suits your style best. Do you like classic pictures where everyone wears a white shirt and khackis? Or do you like having bright, vibrant colors in your home and want your pictures of your family to show that same interest? Choose what you feel comfortable with and even check yourself out in the mirror before you go. I will recommend that choosing 2 or 3 colors (brown, cream and blue for example) would look better together in a photo than just choosing one. Something that may be more important than the color of the clothes you choose is making sure the styles coordinate with each other. Don't mix casual clothes with dressy clothes. Avoid clothes with logos or sayings that distract.

Where should we get the pictures printed?

Because of the few options available here in Idaho (as compared to California) we will soon be offering professional prints to our clients. We feel that our work is best seen through professional quality prints, not through quick prints at Walmart or Walgreens. Until we get our printing situation updated, please ask us for print pricing and we will be more than happy to share and order any prints for you.

Also, if you have any friends/family who have Costco membership, we have noticed a drastic difference between the quality of prints through Costco and other local printing companies (Walmart, Target, Walgreens). They have good quality prints because they can afford better printers. So that is also another option if family would like copies of pictures as well, or would like to make some for you.

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Stacey said...

Michelle, you guys are doing a great job! Looks like you are staying busy too!! I cant believe it was almost a year ago when you did our family. Time flies!