Sunday, August 16, 2009

AND THE WINNER IS... {Rexburg Photographers}

First, we want to THANK EVERYONE who entered in the photo contest. It was SO FUN for us, and we hope you had fun too.

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for... THE WINNER of a FREE PHOTOSHOOT is...

Duh Duh Duh

Jeannette Carey -who said: I think all the pictures are beautiful but I think PERFECTION said it all...


And thank you everyone for entering in the photo shoot! We had so many fun comments! We really appreciated the extra time many of you took to explain why you chose the picture and why it was a favorite.

Here are our top favorites:

Marie and Jesse: #17 for three reasons. I like the lighting of the picture, how unposed the girl appears, and how innocent the image is. I think we all need to take more time to smell the roses in our lives.

Jolyn Laney: I like #17 picking wildflowers. When I look at it, I think about the times when I thought there were no cares in the world. The word that comes to mind when I look at that picture is "bliss." It calms me down and says that everything's ok.

LJ Perotto: My fav is sleeping mae. Not only is it a great pic, but it shows the beauty of a child, the comfort, the security of family and the joy of being together

Liji and Christina: My favorite is #4, Happy Newborn. I think that she is having happy dreams about her life in the pre-existence and being with her Heavenly Father. So Perfect. Nathan and Katelyn: I like #17 most, Picking Wildflowers. It reminds me of when I was younger and enjoyed picking the pretty flowers around my house. It also depicts what little girls are all about. :)

Erin Wood Photography: I really enjoy the photo covered bridge silhouette. As an artist and photographer as well I am drawn to this photo. The composition is gorgeous, the contrasting light is outstanding and I find using their silhouettes unique. Keep up the great work!

Daniel and Ashley: My vote is for #4 because a moment like that can be hard to capture! I am expecting a little one in November so to see that little girl and her precious smile makes me more and more excited!
Steph & Ty: Picture #4 makes me smile. I love how you captured that sweet and priceless expression. She is beautiful. I think she was thinking of heaven when you placed her in the soft, white fluffy blanket. Perfect!

Norgerocks: i love picture # 15. to me it shows hope and that there is light in the end of the tunnel. It hit me really hard because a friend of mine is dying of cancer at age 18 right now and she feels like her life is over. This picture brings some light into my life and i feel like no matter how bad things are there is always the light to guide you.

Because we had SO many awesome comments we thought we would do a SECOND photo Shoot GIVEAWAY!!!


And since the 2nd name I picked was MY BROTHER KEVIN (and he gets them for free anyways) we decided to draw another name. :)

And the other WINNER IS...

ANNA: I love #3-Covered Bridge Family Sillouette. I love how is shows the love between husband and wife and the love they have for their daughter. This entry is for Marie James! Good luck Marie! I can't wait to see beautiful pictures of Rosalee and Zeke!

CONGRATULATIONS TO JEANNETTE AND MARIE (From Anna). I'm not sure whether Jeannette was going to keep the photo shoot for herself (it looks like you're from NewJersey) or give it to a friend/family member), so just let us know - either in a comment or in an email (

and in case anyone was wondering...

HAPPY NEWBORN won with the most votes cast. with #20. Perfection coming in with one vote less for 2nd place. :) People must like babies! :) Just a few votes behind - Covered Bridge, Pouting Toddler, and Wild Flowers.
We love all the support and kind comments! Thanks everyone!


Anna said...

Yay Marie, you won! Can't wait to see the pictures!

Nathan & Katelyn said...

Jeannette Carey is my mom. I'll have her email you to let you know! This time we'd like to do Ethan's pictures. I can't wait!!!