Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Contest

This week at BYU-Idaho, in the Photographic society. This contest was an environmental portrait contest. An environmental portrait is a picture interacting with their environment. I had a lot of fun shooting these pictures. I have to say thank you to Michelle and Jack, because I think that I took the most pictures with them. All of these pictures were unedited in photoshop, which means what you see is what I took at the time.

This is a picture that I caught of Jack while he was eating. As you can see he gets really excited.

Michelle was kind enough to pose for me one night with a candle. I thought it was pretty fun to shoot in the dark and try and use the light to make a little more dramatic effect. We happened to have left our tripod out in Oregon, so I had to shoot this by hand. It was hard to get it without being blurred because the exposure time needed to be a little longer. I think it worked out fairly well. By the way, this picture won the second place in the student choice awards. But the real contest is later.

For my multimedia production class, we were required to make a slide show on a school event. My group choose to do Music Outlet. We were required to go out there and take a ton of pictures for our slide show. This was one of the performers, and unfortunately I didn't get his name.

Next week they announce the winners so we will see then.

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