Monday, March 30, 2009

Free Newborn and Maternity Sessions

Update: We are offering this special for free newborn and maternity sessions at least for the first 5-7 bookings, but we may extend the special further depending on our schedule. We already have a few set up since yesterday (thanks everyone!), so if you would like to take advantage of the special contact us as soon as you can. Thanks!

Also, I apologize for not giving more information of what we are looking for with the newborn photo shoot is. We are hoping to get pictures of babies that are 2 weeks or less, but no older than 3 weeks. We have taken pictures of infants that are a few months old, but wanted to build up more pictures of tiny babies for our portfolio. If your baby is over the 3 weeks age (1 month) we do still do individual and family photography and are willing to negotiate over pricing to fit with your budget... so contact us and let us know the price range you were hoping for and we can work it out together.

We now have our pricing information posted. We have a rough page layout where you can view various portfolio examples now of engagements, families, weddings and children. James is getting very close to finishing our website, which will do a much better job with various galleries to showcase our work - but until that is finished we have these examples available for you to get a quick peek at our photography portfolio.

We also have a special deal going on right now for all maternity and newborn portrait sessions. The first few we book will be absolutely FREE. You read that right - FREE OF CHARGE. This special is for newborn babies that are 4 weeks and under.

So contact us ( or or leave a comment if you are interested in any of the shoots. Thanks!


tkhowell said...

I am interested, I have a 5 month old, is that too small. Could do it about mid april. Would I still get the deal.


tkhowell said...

I have a 5 mnth old, is that too small. Could do it the mid april, is that too late for the deal.


Amy said...

how old does the baby need to be to qualify? we have a three month old and would love some pictures and i have so many friends that would love some maternity pics. thanks- great pictures! you can email me at:

Mike said...

I am due in about 3 weeks! I would LOVE some maternity shots, as well as newborn ones. My email is: THANKS!!