Friday, September 18, 2009

Rosalee {Rexburg Idaho Photographer}

Rosalee is Zeke's sister who won the free photo shoot from us for entering our photo contest we held in August. (Wow, that was a lot of links for one sentance...) When little brother Zeke had had enough of his photo shoot we got quite a few fun shots of big sister.

James and I are used to being around toddlers, having one ourselves. (: But we found ourselves in awe of this little girl!!! She is just three weeks older than Jack making her three months shy of being 2 - and already this little girl can talk in paragraphs. She went around our home naming our toys and explaining why she chose that name, telling us stories, talking to her brother like a kindergartner, singing church songs. Honestly I felt like she was a 6 year old trapped in a one year old body. So awesome. We think she's seriously a baby genius! Really Marie I think you should video tape her because this is not a common occurrence! Amazing.

And aside from the fun time of visiting with Marie and James and their beautiful family, Rosalee even taught Jack a new word from the photo shoot that he likes to tell us all the time now: Cheese. (Say cheese!)

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Marie and Jesse said...

Thank you for saying such sweet things about Rosalee! She reaaly is 2 going on 20 most days but we love it! The pictures turned out AMAZING, thank you SO much for doing them!